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Smoked Sockeye Package UPC Quantity
Frozen Smoked Sockeye (715g) 7 x 715 g 6-28044-09610-2
Frozen Smoked Sockeye (85g) 36 x 85 g 6-28044-09630-0
Sausages Package UPC Quantity
Salmon Original Sausages 16 x 9.6 oz 6-28044-10001-4
Salmon Jalapeno Sausages 16 x 9.6 oz 6-28044-10002-1
Salmon Maple Sausages 16 x 9.6 oz 6-28044-10003-8
Soup Package UPC Quantity
Classic Seafood Chowder Soup 8 x 9 oz 6-28044-18100-6
Kickin' Seafood Chili Soup 8 x 9 oz 6-28044-18200-3
Sassy Seafood Curry Soup 8 x 9 oz 6-28044-18300-0
Savoury Seafood Bisque Soup 8 x 9 oz 6-28044-18400-7
Filet Portions Package UPC Quantity
Albacore Tuna Portions 10x340 g 6-28044-04400-4
Black Cod Portions 10x340 g 6-28044-01100-6
Halibut Portions 10x340 g 6-28044-02100-5
Pacific Cod Portions 10x340 g 6-28044-03100-4
Sockeye Salmon Portions 10x340 g 6-28044-09550-1
1lb Sockeye Fillet 10x1 lb 6-28044-09509-9
Seafood Burgers Package UPC Quantity
Halibut Burger 12x12 oz 6-28044-20001-1
Sockeye Salmon Burger 12x12 oz 6-28044-20002-8
Shrimp Burger 12x12 oz 6-28044-05600-7
Sauces (New Formulation in place) Package UPC Quantity
Swingin Cocktail Sauce 12 x 250 ml 0-23782 08008-4
Classic Tartar Sauce - OUT OF STOCK 12 x 250 ml 0-23782-08006-0
Rustic Soya Maple Glaze 12 x 250 ml 0-23782-07048-1
Salmon Bacon Package UPC Quantity
Salmon Maple Bacon(250g) 24x250 g 6-28044-22002-6
Wild Shrimp Package UPC Quantity
Wild Shrimp Cooked and Peeled 20x300 g 6-28044-05700-4
Salmon Nuggets Package UPC Quantity
Smoked Atlantic Salmon Nuggets- Original 3x2 lb 6-28044-06100-1
Smoked Atlantic Salmon Nuggets- Maple 3x2 lb 6-28044-06200-8
Smoked Atlantic Salmon Nuggets- Spiced 3x2 lb 6-28044-06100-1
4oz Hot Smoked Sockeye Salmon 10 lb 6-28044-06500-9
Sockeye Nuggets-Original 3x2 lb 6-28044-06600-6
Sockeye Nuggets-Original 3x2 lb 6-28044-06800-0
Sockeye Nuggets-Original 3x2 lb 28044-06900-7
Sockeye Nuggets-Original 3x2 lb 6-28044-06700-3
Pizza Package UPC Quantity
Smoked Salmon & Sweet Onion Pizza 6x284 g 6-28044-24100-7
Shrimp & Scallop Florentine Pizza 6x284 g 6-28044-24200-4
Roasted Garlic & Pepperoni Pizza 6x284 g 6-28044-24300-1
Sauces Package UPC Quantity
Wild Pollock with Sicilian Tomato Sauce 9x182 g 6-28044-25100-6
Wild Pollock with Lemon Caper Butter Sauce 9x182 g 6-28044-25200-3
Wild Salmon with Mango Chili Lime Sauce 9x182 g 6-28044-25300-0
Fish & Chips Package UPC Quantity
Wild Pacific Cod & Chips 8x454 g 6-28044-25100-6
Wild Pacific Cod 8x454 g 6-28044-25100-6